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Signing-in to MyEBSCOhost

We all know how to sign-in to databases from home by using your Bank Street email address, and the password associated with your account. Now, things just got a little easier when you want to save articles to folders, or check-out eBooks through MyEBSCOhost.

A New Way to Sign-in
You can still use your old credentials to sign-in to MyEBSCOhost, but now there is an option to use your Google email address and password. The old way of signing-in required the creation of a username and password (upper case, lower case, numbers, symbols etc., which of course we would always forgot).

What’s New?
Signing in with your Google account means one less thing to think about as you research your next paper. It is a fresh start. If you’ve signed up the old way, your existing folders and eBook check-outs are not transferred over, but we’re looking for a fix. Essentially you have two separate accounts.

Anything to Worry About?
Not really, but those who are concerned about big data may pause to think about this:

Yes. I consent to the collection of this personalized data, and I understand the processing of my personal data is covered under my institution’s contract with EBSCO. *