Young Reviewers Program

What Is Involved in Being a Young Reviewer?

A review from a Young Reviewer (YR) shares the child’s opinion of the book—it is not a book report or plot summary. The CBC encourages children to share what they liked or didn’t like about the book and why, as well as a recommended age range and an overall rating. If there are pictures, we ask how they complement the written part of the story. Video reviews are also welcome. Samples of written reviews can be found in the Forms and Exemplars section.

Our youngest reviewers may start out by just reading a book or writing only a sentence or two (often with a caretaker’s help), but eventually we hope they will move to writing detailed reviews. Although not required, some older children will write a few paragraphs. A YR may receive feedback to focus more on opinions (likes and dislikes), provide more details, or explain their thinking on a certain point.