Bookstore Launches Monthly Subscription Program

Bookstore staff standing in the bookstoreThis spring, the Bank Street Bookstore launched its new Monthly Book Subscription program to help bring new children’s and young adult books straight to your doorstep. For an annual fee of $150, bookstore experts carefully select and mail a newly released book each month to a child’s home address. Titles are chosen based on each child’s reading ability and interests.

To sign up, users complete an online form that asks the age of the recipient, reading level, nonfiction interests, and fiction preferences, such as historical fiction, fantasy/sci-fi, or realistic stories, among others. Users can also share additional information—such as the title of a book the reader really enjoyed—that will help the bookstore tailor its monthly selection.

“At Bank Street, we have a deep understanding of the development of children and their diverse learning needs. Our staff members are exceptionally skilled at finding the perfect books for each customer that not only fit their interests and age, but also help them discover and learn more about the world,” said Caitlyn Morrissey, Manager, Bank Street Bookstore. “We look forward to offering our Monthly Book Subscription program to our local residents and those from beyond our own neighborhood.”

The new subscription program, which is a great birthday or holiday gift idea, will ship books nationwide, with the option of in-store pickup for local patrons.

Described by Kirkus Reviews as a place that has “enraptured kids with hand-picked books as well as puppet shows, toys, and musical storytimes,” the bookstore offers a variety of in-store activities and events for children of all ages. Story Hours, which are held every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 10:30 AM, feature award-winning books and storytellers for children ages 6 months to 6 years.

To sign up for the Monthly Book Subscription service, please visit bankstreetbooks.com/book-month-subscription