In-Person Events Deepen Community, Connection, and Learning at the School for Children

In schools, a sense of community and connection are pillars of a nurturing learning environment, and strong relationships play an essential role in enriching education for students and families.

During the pandemic, Bank Street School for Children shifted various in-person learning and community events to virtual platforms to provide students, families, faculty, and staff with opportunities to gather together for learning, connection, and growth. Unfortunately, like much of the world, the school also had to cancel some of its beloved gatherings. Last year, the school was able to resume many of its signature events in person, further deepening community connections and opportunities for learning both in the classroom and beyond.

“We were thrilled to reintroduce special field trips and concerts last year in the wake of the challenges posed by the pandemic,” said Doug Knecht, Dean of Children’s Programs and Head of the School for Children. “These vibrant shared moments are helpful in building important connections among our growing Bank Street community and not only become cherished memories but also contribute significantly to student learning and development.”

In the Lower and Middle Schools, students were once again able to participate in the larger array of field trips that had been a hallmark of the Bank Street experience, offering unique opportunities for experiential learning and real-world connections in new places. For example, first grade (6/7s) students visited the Urban Farm on Randall’s Island to examine aspects of sustainability, cooking, planting, and composting through hands-on activities that fueled their natural curiosities and sparked an interest in related topics.

Additionally, the Upper School Dance was reinstated last year, allowing students in fifth grade (10/11s) through eighth grade (13/14s) to gather together in the Bank Street gym, decked out in an outer space theme. Students and staff alike enjoyed an energetic evening of music, dancing, food, and fun among their peers.

Parents and faculty also engaged in several social events last year, including a fun-filled 90s-themed Decades Trivia Night and Dance Party that brought together 130 people at Bank Street for a nostalgic night of trivia, music, prizes, and dancing to the hits of the decade. “It was wonderful to see our parents and faculty come together to celebrate and reminisce about the spirit of the 1990s while raising important funds to support the future of the School for Children,” said Kristen Worrell, Director, Development and Alumni Relations Office, School for Children.

This year, the School for Children plans to continue hosting a range of in-person events, such as the upcoming Fall Fair that welcomes Bank Street families, faculty, and staff, as well as the local neighborhood, annually for a day of games, entertainment, and other activities. The school community invites you to join them!

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