SFC Alumni Reunion Celebrates Banks Street’s 100th Birthday and Honors Dean Alexis Wright

On June 17, close to 100 alumni, students, and faculty gathered at Bank Street for the 2016 School for Children Alumni Reunion. The event provided guests with an opportunity to reconnect with each other and mingle while celebrating the College’s 100th birthday and bidding farewell to Dean Alexis Wright.

In his remarks, President Shael Polakow-Suransky, GSE ’00, thanked Dean Wright for his “warm leadership” and asked, “How do we make the work of Bank Street come alive outside of Bank Street?” The answer, he suggested, was with the continued support and hard work of alumni after they leave the walls of Bank Street.  Jose Guzman, SFC’s Math/Science Coordinator, among other speakers, thanked Dean Wright for his courageous leadership and impact on the school.

A lovely spring evening, alumni from several generations attended, reflecting the longstanding legacy of the School for Children and its lasting impact on its graduates. Leslie Kendall, SFC ’42, remembers Bank Street’s founder Lucy Sprague Mitchell reading her class a story when she was a student at the school. Rosemary Bernstein, SFC ’76, noted: “I learned so many life skills here at Bank Street.”

School for Children reunion 2017