Graduate School Scholarship Initiative

Scholarship Options

Over half of Bank Street graduate students receive financial aid. Our students make countless sacrifices to pursue their education here at Bank Street, and helping them achieve this goal is critical to the College’s health. The following scholarship giving opportunities will help meet the College’s immediate need for graduate financial aid support and help bring more Bank Street teachers into classrooms across the country:

  • Endowed Scholarships

    Establishing an endowed scholarship is one of the most meaningful forms of support. An endowed scholarship begins with a commitment of $50,000 and above, which can be paid over several years and can bear your name or the name of someone you wish to honor, such as a family member, mentor, or friend. This investment in Bank Street provides much needed financial aid support annually, extending the impact of the gift for generations to come. You can personalize your scholarship to benefit the spirit and mind of students in the way that means the most to you, and you can also add to your endowed scholarship fund once it is established.

  • Annual Fund Scholarships

    A named Annual Fund scholarship begins with a gift of $75,000 for a full scholarship or $10,000 for a partial scholarship and can bear your name or the name of someone you wish to honor. This scholarship gift can either be spent in the year that it is given or over a period of years. The scholarship may be given to a single student or may be awarded among two or more students.

Your support for our graduate scholarships can make a Bank Street degree accessible to high-quality aspiring educators. Here are several ways to fund your scholarship:

  • A scholarship gift can be made with a check, credit card, donor-advised fund, wire transfer, and appreciated securities.
  • A matching gift can be made by employees of many companies that offer matching programs. If you or your spouse works for a company that participates in corporate matching, your contribution to Bank Street may be doubled or even tripled.
  • A gift from your estate plans or bequest intention ensures Bank Street’s future financial security. You can make a bequest to Bank Street by including language in your will or living trust to leave a portion of your estate to the College or by designating Bank Street as a beneficiary of your retirement account or life insurance policy. When planning for a bequest, you will need to consider if you would prefer your gift to be dedicated to an endowed or annual fund scholarship. In appreciation of your planned gift, you will be recognized as a member of the Lucy Sprague Mitchell Society.
  • Institutional giving from foundations, corporations, and government agencies play an important role in furthering Bank Street’s mission. Many have invested in their next generation by funding scholarships, often for students planning careers in their industry. Generous grants and support from institutional partners whose missions align with ours help us improve the educational outcomes of children and their teachers.

To learn more about supporting our students with a gift of scholarship, please email