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The Priscilla E. Pemberton Society

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About the Pemberton Society

The Pemberton Society was founded at Bank Street College of Education in 2005 as a living and loving memorial to the life, work, and ideals of Priscilla E. Pemberton (January 4, 1918 - July 12, 2004). During her three decades at Bank Street, Priscilla touched the lives of countless students, educators, and leaders.

Priscilla, a 1966 African-American Bank Street Graduate School alumna, directed the Bank Street Early Childhood Center in midtown Manhattan and was a Graduate School faculty member in curriculum and early childhood. During her career, she also served as the College’s Registrar, Director of Non-Matriculated Evening Students, and Special Assistant to the President for minority enrollment. In 1977, the Bank Street College Alumni Association awarded Priscilla a Distinguished Service Award.

The Pemberton Society is devoted to enriching the learning and cultural experience of students through scholarship, mentoring, and programmatic services. Since its founding, the Pemberton Society has raised significant contributions towards endowed scholarships supporting students of color including the Priscilla E. Pemberton Memorial Scholarship and the Joyce and David Dinkins Tribute Scholarship. Additionally, the Pemberton Society launched the Lucia Henley Jack Student Support Fund to enhance the academic experience of students of color at Bank Street College. The Lucia Henley Jack Student Support Fund is named for the Pemberton Society's founding President, Lucia Henley Jack.


Bank Street’s founder, Lucy Sprague Mitchell, knew that effective education demands classrooms that reflect the diversity of their community. The College has always aspired to this ideal, and we have been fortunate to receive over $3.3 million from generous donors who share our commitment to increasing diversity in all our classrooms. The Pemberton Society salutes those endowment donors who continue to help us live and learn together:

  • The Altman Foundation Minority Scholarship Endowment
  • The Alumni Opportunity Fund
  • The Augusta Kappner Scholarship
  • The Charina Endowment Fund
  • The C.V. Starr Scholarship Fund
  • The Diversity Fund
  • The Hearst Endowment Minority Scholarship
  • The Iscol Scholarship Fund
  • The Joyce and David Dinkins Tribute Scholarship
  • The Louis-Dreyfus Scholarship Fund
  • The Mark Family Fund
  • The Minority Fellows Program
  • The Minority Scholarship Fund
  • The Priscilla E. Pemberton Scholarship Fund
  • The Rudy Jordan Fund
  • The Teachers Resource for Equality in Education (TREE) Fund
  • The Waisman Family Scholarship for Leadership in Museum Education
  • The William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship Fund