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Ways of Giving


Make a gift to Bank Street using a debit or credit card, and to save or print out a receipt for your gift.


Note our new Post Office Box for mailing your check!

Personal checks payable to Bank Street College are a popular way to contribute. Use the memo line of your check to designate your gift for a specific fund, initiative, or event, such as the School for Children Annual Fund, the Graduate School Annual Fund, or the Bankstreet Annual Fund.

Mail your check to:
Development & External Relations Office 
Bank Street College
PO Box 250865
New York, NY, 10025


Please note a change of accounts effective Monday, June 13, 2016.

The tax benefits of making a gift of appreciated securities may be two-fold: Avoid capital-gains taxes and receive a deduction for the transferred stock's full market value. 

Stocks are frequently transferred by electronic delivery. For instance, stocks are usually held in "street accounts" with financial services firms. While a taxpayer may irrevocably instruct his or her broker to transfer the stock to charity, the gift is not complete until the stock is delivered to the charity's account. This means that the gift date for tax purposes may be days and possibly even weeks after the taxpayer's instructions to transfer. This poses a potential problem to last minute charitable contributions.  To receive calendar year tax credit for stock securities, please initiate the transfer prior to December 21st.  (Note below: transfers of mutual funds require more lead time.)

Transfers to our broker do not include the name of the donor.  For proper credit, please contact Sonja Carter (contact info below) and indicate the name of the stock you are giving, the number of shares, and to what fund you would like to give (e.g. The Bank Street Annual Fund, the Graduate School Annual Fund, or the School for Children Annual Fund).

Broker: Michael Dabulis, Neuberger Berman
Phone: 212-476-5717
Fax: 212-476-9095
DTC number: #0226/NFS
FBO Account: NBJ036247
Bank Street Tax ID: 13-5562167

For more information and to assure that your gift is properly recognized and credited, contact: Sonja Carter, 212-875-4495.

Also note: The transfer of Mutual Funds is not DTC eligible. To make a gift of Mutual Funds, please contact our broker with the name of the fund and number of shares to obtain a brokerage account and full bin numbers. To guarantee your transfer of Mutual Funds for end of calendar year receipt, please make your transfer prior to December 1 of the year in which you require tax credit.

Matching Gift

If you or your spouse works for a company that participates in corporate matching, your contribution to Bank Street may be doubled or even tripled. Please contact your employer’s human resources office for information on how you can participate in their matching program.

Planned Gifts

Planned giving helps ensure Bank Street’s future financial security. Many donors can make a gift to Bank Street through deferred giving. Deferred gifts are trust funds from which income is paid to the donor during his or her lifetime, with the principal paid to Bank Street after his or her death. Donors enjoy full tax benefits while making lasting contributions to Bank Street. Bank Street greatly encourages and appreciates future gifts made through one’s estate. These planned gifts are assets of the College and can be considered in the long-term planning of financial support. There are also many ways to use a life insurance policy to make a gift to Bank Street. Please consult with your attorney or other appropriate professionals when considering a planned gift.

In appreciation of your planned gift, you will be recognized as a member of The Lucy Sprague Mitchell Society

For more information, contact Linda Reing

Honoring Someone Special

A gift to Bank Street in honor of a student, teacher or advisor is a wonderful way to commemorate a special occasion. Gifts may also be made in memory of a friend or loved one.

Bank Street College
Development & External Relations Office
PO Box 250865    New York, NY 10025

Make sure to include the name of the person you wish to honor or remember, and the name and address of the person you would like us to advise of your gift.