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Supporting Bank Street

Why give?

Making Us Better at What We Do.

Giving to Bank Street makes a difference for children, teachers and families. Your support helps us educate children in our care, prepare exemplary teachers and leaders for schools, museums, and community-based organizations, and advocate for educational policies and practices that will foster excellent outcomes for all.

There are many ways you can help Bank Street make a difference, from contributions to our Annual Funds to working with us to make a Major Gift to the College to participating in your employer’s Matching Gifts program. Visit Ways of Giving for details about how to make a gift, or Contact Us to contact a member of our Development Team.


“I was very impressed with Bank Street’s whole approach, particularly with how teachers bring experiences into the classroom and encourage students to bring their experiences back to their communities.  I like everything — the professors, the classes, the information, and the warm, welcoming feeling each time I come through the door.  I knew this is where I was meant to be; I did not apply to any other graduate school.”

— Veronica Thompson ’10, Priscilla E. Pemberton Scholarship recipient

“If Liberty were not an intricate part of my life, I would probably not have made it through college, high school or even junior high school.  It was the very act of intervention, and the nurturing support that continued to focus and refocus my vision towards the distant horizon. When I faced road blocks, they showed me the entirety of the road.  When I was ready to give up they mapped out solutions. When I was in despair, they hugged me.  Now in turn, I have a life-long commitment to similar students in need.”

— Jerrel Burney, 2000 Liberty LEADS Alum

“Bank Street has been a seedbed for the evolution of my professional career.  I see every reason at this stage of my life to give back.”

—Hal Melnick ’74

"I support Bank Street now more than ever because its educational modeling is a contribution to society — and their approach to the individual child is critically important. My devotion to the school is enormous. As long as I have five cents to give away it will go to Bank Street."

— Diana De Vegh