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Center on Culture, Race & Equity (CCRE)

The Center on Culture, Race & Equity works with practitioners and communities to understand the impact of bias and shift towards culturally responsive and strengths-based systems and practices. The center’s professional development model addresses race and equity on three levels—personal, professional, and institutional. Adults address their implicit attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors and then plan to change—and ultimately do change—their practices on both the individual and institutional levels. CCRE works with professionals from education, health, and social services who work with children (prenatal through 12th grade). The most recent projects include working with public elementary schools in Washington, with settlement house community organizations in the Bronx, NY, and with Head Start practitioners in Head Start Region 5.

The CCRE Approach

If we work with adults to expand their knowledge and awareness of the impact of biases, racism, and deficit-based thinking on learning environments, support adults in shifting their deficit-based attitudes to strengths-based attitudes, and build their skills and practices to create culturally relevant environments, then we will create more equitable and just learning organizations where children and families of all backgrounds will thrive and reach their full potential.


CCRE Professional Development Opportunities

The CCRE Change Model

Making an Organizational Paradigm Shift. An intense, year-long immersion for school districts, healthcare groups, city or county education or health agencies, or community social justice organizations that are committed to equity and willing to invest in systemic change. Programming includes: co-development and planning, on-going trainings, webinars, communities of practice/coaching, and formative and outcomes-based evaluation.

The Professional Development Series

Changing Attitudes and Perspective. An in-person and online training program for teachers, healthcare providers, social service providers, and other educators working with diverse populations. Participants will learn how implicit bias and stereotypes affect the lives of children and families. Through guided facilitation, coaching, and communities of practice, participants will make a motivated commitment to change the mindset and learn actionable strategies that will improve their culturally responsive practice.

The Leadership Seminar

Building Consensus for Change. A seminar for administrators, leaders, and decision makers to explore the research and theory behind the issues of race, culture, and diversity. Participants will build a clear understanding of how these issues impact the children and families served and create an initial road map and measurable outcomes for culturally responsive systems and services.


Content-Specific Development Opportunities

In addition to training on creating equitable environments, CCRE offers professional development opportunities on content-specific issues. They are listed below, but are not limited to:

  • School Success for Young African American Boys
  • School Success for Young Latino Children
  • Refugee & Immigrant Families
  • Indigenous and Indigenous Migrant Families
  • Culturally Authentic Children's Literature