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Toddler holding hand of caregiver

Learning Starts At Birth Releases New Briefs on Transforming Early Care & Education

Research shows experiences that support long-term cognitive, social, and emotional development are crucial in children’s earliest years as infants and toddlers. In the coming months and years, potential investments in child care funded through the Build Back Better Act will present policymakers and school leaders with an important opportunity to sustainably improve program quality and […]

Melissa Tooley, Eric Duncan, Alexandra Manuel, Ryan Saunders, and Marla Ucelli-Kashyap at panel discussion “Policies to Support Scaling of Innovative, Impactful Teacher Preparation Approaches"

Prepared To Teach and New America Explore Transforming Teacher Preparation

On July 27, Prepared To Teach at Bank Street College and nonpartisan think tank New America co-hosted a public webinar titled “Transforming Teacher Preparation to Best Serve Students.” The online event convened leading experts in the field of education to explore why and how we can make equitable, high-quality teacher preparation sustainable and the next […]

Two members of the Prepared To Teach team collaborating

New Prepared To Teach Report Explores Policy Opportunities for Funded Teacher Residencies

Aspiring educators are best prepared through yearlong teacher residencies, and they need financial supports during their time as residents. Partly through efforts of Bank Street College of Education’s Prepared To Teach initiative, the field has begun to embrace shifts that support a more uniform, sustainable, and equitable approach to teacher preparation across the country. Developing […]

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New Publication Outlines Recommendations for Implementing Early Educator Apprenticeships

The first three years of life play a foundational role in healthy brain development and future success in school and in life. The Early Educator Apprenticeship Act, which was introduced in Congress in the spring of 2021, presents an important opportunity for our country to support development during these critical years by rebuilding the early […]

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Prepared To Teach Releases Reports on Transforming the Teacher Preparation Field

All aspiring educators should be well-prepared to lead in today’s classrooms on day one. Teacher preparation experiences that include sustainably funded, high-quality teacher residencies not only better support the education of teacher candidates but can ultimately help to diversify the workforce and improve our nation’s education system. This spring, Prepared To Teach at Bank Street […]

Black Lives Matter at School Week Early Childhood Symposium 2021 panelists on screen

Bank Street Hosts Third Annual Black Lives Matter at School Week Early Childhood Symposium

As educators and caregivers, we have the power to create learning environments that inspire joy and curiosity and foster affirming, loving spaces for all young children. To explore the early educational experiences of Black children and deepen our understanding of how to create meaningful learning experiences for all children, the Center on Culture, Race & […]

Tracy Fray-Oliver presenting at Gates Foundation NSI Year One

Bank Street Awarded New Grant to Support Math Achievement of Students in Brooklyn, NY

On September 30, Bank Street College was awarded a $4.67M Networks for School Improvement grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The grant will allow the Bank Street Education Center to partner with teachers and leaders in New York City Department of Education District 17 and 18 in Brooklyn, New York, to help strengthen […]

Educators at a Prepared To Teach co-teaching conference

Prepared To Teach Receives New Grant

This September, Prepared To Teach received a two-year grant to apply and expand on the lessons learned during a previous 2018-20 grant term, which focused on documenting how teacher education institutions are working to redesign their preparation programs in partnership with districts to identify sustainable funding streams for paid teacher residencies. Funding from Margaret A. […]

Educators work with math manipulatives during an Explore Session.

Bank Street Concludes Five-Year Partnership with NYC Pre-K Explore Program

This summer, the Bank Street Education Center will conclude its partnership with the NYC Department of Education (NYCDOE) Pre-K Explore program after five years of professional development and coaching support for early childhood educators. The collaboration focused on helping pre-K teachers and leaders implement Building Blocks, a 30-week curriculum that encourages young children to understand […]

Two members of the Prepared To Teach team collaborating

National Learning Network Supports Teacher Residency Partnerships in Seven States

Bank Street believes that teachers should learn through the same kinds of intensive clinical-practice models as those used in medicine and other professions. Prepared To Teach at Bank Street College helps realize this vision by finding pathways to support and sustain high-quality teacher preparation so every teacher is ready to take on the challenges of […]

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New Paper Explores “Throughline of Learning” Model for Instructional Improvement

Framing instructional improvement strategies as ongoing, coordinated learning opportunities can help school systems create both positive professional learning opportunities for educators and more ambitious and equitable outcomes for students. On March 31, the Bank Street Education Center released “Becoming a System of Professional Learning: Conceptualizing Improvement as a Throughline of Learning,” a new paper introducing […]

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Bank Street Awarded $11.2M Grant to Continue Work with Yonkers Public Schools

On December 10, Bank Street College was awarded an $11.2M Networks for School Improvement grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to continue the Bank Street Education Center’s work strengthening middle school math education in Yonkers Public Schools. The new funding will allow the center to continue its collaboration with 20 schools to help […]

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Education Center Continues Work to Transform New Haven’s Early Care and Education Landscape

This January, the Bank Street Education Center released a strategic plan titled “Implementing NH ChILD: A Comprehensive Approach to Professional Learning to Reach All New Haven Early Childhood Educators.” The publication is the first document to be released in a series of plans following the April 2017 NH ChILD white paper titled “Making the Case: […]

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Center on Culture, Race & Equity Helps Transform School Culture in Washington, D.C.

Research shows educational disparities between Black and White students are widespread and begin as early as preschool. In fact, Black preschoolers are 3.6 times as likely to receive one or more out-of-school suspensions than their White peers. In 2014, the Center on Culture, Race & Equity (CCRE), a Bank Street program dedicated to working with […]

Educators during professional development at Bank Street

Bank Street Education Center Releases Publication on Coaching Model for Adults

The Bank Street Education Center partners with schools and districts across the country to help improve teaching and learning at scale. This October, the team released “Coaching: How a Focus on Adult Development Leads to Improvements in Student Learning” to provide district leaders with a closer look at what meaningful teaching and learning looks like […]