About the Library

Authors & Illustrators FAQ

  • Can the Bank Street Library help me get published?

    Bank Street Library does not provide this kind of service. An appropriate resource to consult is Children’s Writers and Illustrators Market, published annually.

  • Can you read my book/manuscript and give me notes/feedback?

    Notes, feedback, or critiques of any kind are beyond the scope of the service we offer. Here are some potentially useful resources:

  • Can I do an event with the Bank Street Library?

    You may send us a non-returnable review copy of your book along with a written request for an event, including organizer contact info. We will contact you within 3 weeks with our decision.

  • Can I send you a book to add to the Bank Street Library collection?

    You may send us a non-returnable review copy of your book. Our decision on whether or not to add the book to the collection will be made based on our collection development policy and at our discretion.

  • Can you return the review copy of the book I sent you?

    We do not return review copies. Anything you send to the Bank Street Library is considered a donation. Review copies may be sent to:

    Bank Street College Library
    Children’s Collection Submission
    610 West 112th Street
    New York, NY 10025

  • Honoraria

    It is the practice of Bank Street College to offer an honorarium for author or illustrator visits that we have solicited because of the content relevance with an aspect of School for Children curriculum. Compensation is $500 for three hours. These visits typically include reading with children, sharing about the process of creating a book, answering questions, and signing books. Illustrators are invited to draw on our “Illustrators’ Walls” in the Bank Street Library.

    Authors and illustrators who request the opportunity to visit the Bank Street School for Children will be accommodated based on our curricular needs, program schedule, and available funds. The School for Children will purchase two books for every classroom involved in an author’s visit.

  • Travel & Other Expenses

    We will not provide this benefit unless specifically associated with a professional development initiative pre-approved by the dean of the School for Children.