Bank Street Library Blog

Returning Books

Since the end of the spring semester, and all summer long, patrons have been asking us “When can I return my books?” And, “Will I have to pay a fine as my books are really overdue!” Well, the good news is that:

  • The Library is now accepting returns
  • the due date for all items is October 15
  • and existing fines did not accrue while the Library was closed.

We are now accepting books for check-in where the scooters used to be parked. Hmm… where is that, you might ask?

Old Scooter Park

It’s a little hard to explain, but as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words! You can’t miss it, you’ll find some blue bins there. This is the place to return your books. We’re sorry but the fifth floor Library is closed to patrons, and alas the book drop is no more.

Blue Bins

Please place your books in the appropriate bin. At the moment there are just two, but we’re expecting that to change real soon once word gets out.

Quarantining Books

Just like people, books have to go through a quarantine period. After consulting with librarians from other institutions the accepted books will be quarantined for three days. This means that if you leave your books in the lobby on Monday they won’t be checked-in till Friday. Once a book has been checked-in you should get an email confirming this (if you don’t please check your spam folder). If there are any issues please email us at

Placing Holds

Now that you’ve returned your books, you’ll probably want to check-out some new ones. Stay tuned for a blog post next week on how best to do this.  But, if you can’t wait visit our Renew Books, Place Holds webpage which should answer most questions.