How Can I?

Renew Books, Place Holds

There are four ways to renew books: online, in-person, phone, and email.

Renew Books

Remember, there is a three day grace period before fines accrue, and children never pay fines for overdue books.


  1. Look for the Log in link (top right-hand corner) after clicking the Renew Books button below.
  2. Your login is the 14 digit library barcode on the back of your ID.
  3. If you are new to Bank Street (September 2018) your username is your Bank Street email address.
  4. The generic password is changeme.
  5. You can only renew items before the due date.


Come to the 5th floor and ask the circulation desk manager to renew your books. You do not need to physically bring the books to have them renewed.


You are welcome to renew by phone, please call 212-875-4455. If you leave a voice message please wait for either a phone or email confirmation that your books have been renewed.


If you email us, please wait for an email confirmation that your books have been renewed.

If You  Don’t Have a Barcode

Come to the Library and register with us. We will give you a barcode so you can check-out books. Once you log in, you can manage your personal information, renew books, place holds, and create lists.

Renew Books

Place Holds

To place a hold on a book look for the Place hold link in the bottom left-hand corner of the record.

place a hold on a book in the catalog

  • If you are not already logged into the catalog, then you will be prompted to enter your login credentials:
    • your full Bank Street email address (after September 2018), or your 14 digit Library barcode
    • the default password is changeme (we encourage you to change it).


login in to the catalog to place a hold

  • Only adult patrons can place holds on books (i.e., graduate school students, parents, and alumni).
  • Patrons can have five active holds at anyone time.


place hold select next available

  • Select Next available copy for faster service.
  • When a hold becomes available, the Library will send you an email, or voice mail.
  • Items on hold will be kept at the circulation desk for up to three business days.

  • When you have successfully placed a hold, you can either View My holds, or check Done.