Occasional Paper Series

Constructivists Online: Reimagining Progressive Practice

Occasional Paper Series 34This issue of the Occasional Paper Series reimagines progressive pedagogy within the framework of new and exciting online practices currently emerging across many contexts. Calling for educators to move beyond the familiar, special editors Helen Freidus, Mollie Welsh Kruger, and Steven Goss have selected papers that shine a light on the online spaces in which teachers do what they do best, teach to the needs and interests of all their students.

While online pedagogy poses challenges, in the twenty-first century it also provides fresh opportunities for extending and reconceptualizing social constructivist educational practices.

Research, Practice, Policy-based

The Occasional Paper Series is a forum for work that extends, deepens and challenges the progressive legacy on which the college is built. The series seeks to promote discussion about what it means to educate in a democracy and to meet the interrelated demands of equity and excellence.

We are interested in research, practice and policy-based papers from a broad array of theoretical perspectives. We encourage authors from within and outside the Bank Street community who employ either traditional or non-traditional representational strategies to submit their work for review. Please see instructions below.
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Submission of Papers

We publish papers of between 4,000-6,000 words and, exceptionally strong papers, of between 12,000-15,000 words. We are interested in manuscripts by widely known members of the field and by first time authors. Papers must not be under review elsewhere or have been previously published. All submissions should include an abstract of 100 words and be formatted following APA guidelines. Papers go through a blind peer review process and authors should expect to be notified of a decision within 45 days of receipt of the manuscript.

 As an online journal, we encourage authors to use:

  •  a reader-friendly, accessible style 
  •  shorter rather than longer paragraphs 
  •  subheadings to break-up otherwise dense blocks of text 
  •  moving and still images.

Address manuscripts and questions to Jonathan Silin: jsilin@optonline.net.