Occasional Paper Series

Submission Guidelines

  • Overview

    Fingers on laptop keyboardWe publish papers of between 4,000-6,000 words and, from time to time, papers of between 12,000-15,000 words. We are interested in manuscripts both by widely known members of the field and by first time authors.

    Papers must not be under review elsewhere or have been previously published. All submissions will go through a blind peer review process and authors should expect to be notified of a decision within 45 days of receipt of the manuscript.

  • Guidelines

    Submissions that do not follow the following guidelines will not be reviewed.

    All pieces go out for double-blinded peer review. Manuscripts must be prepared in a way that does not give away the identity of the author(s) in the body of the text or references. Please use “Author” to refer in citations and references to pieces you have previously published.

    Pieces the reveal the identity of the author will not be sent out for review.

    Writing for Online Reading

    People read differently online than when they read print materials. For online reading, we encourage authors to adopt a reader-friendly, accessible style including:

    • Paragraphs of approx. 150 words or 3-5 sentences
    • Subheadings to break-up otherwise dense blocks of text
    • Bullet points for lists and key points


    • APA formatting
    • 100 word abstract
    • Sent in Microsoft Word document
    • No all caps. Use only Title Case.

    Graphs & Tables

    • Number and title inserted into text
    • Graphs should be submitted as images, see image requirements for more details
    • Tables created using Microsoft Word will be accepted as embedded in the word text


    • All images must have a minimum width of 537px
    • A minimum resolution of 72dpi
    • Images should be included in the text and and uploaded in a separate document as .jpg.
    • Insert number and title of image into the text


    • Upload videos to YouTube. Make public. Insert video title and URL link into text
    • Do not embed videos directly into text
    • To ensure accessibility, any videos must include closed captioning at the time of publication. Closed captioning is the responsibility of the author. Instructions for how to close caption Youtube videos can be found here. While you can use the auto-caption function, it is your responsibility to do a final edit of the caption file, as described in the provided link, to ensure accuracy.


    • Please upload audio files to SoundCloud and then share URL
    • Audio should be edited in 5-7 minute segments
  • Permissions


    All research must adhere to local IRB guidelines. For submissions that do not fall under the oversight of IRB, if informants are directly quoted or their words paraphrased, then authors must notify them of the potential publication in the Occasional Paper Series.


    Authors must have signed permissions to use images of people and/or their work. If the submission is accepted, we will ask you to confirm that you have this informed consent documentation by submitting an Informed Consent Documentation form. The public aspect of an online journal makes this especially important.

  • Editorial Board

    Gail Boldt, Editor-in-Chief

  • Contact

    All queries should be submitted to:

    Gail Boldt
    Editor-in-Chief, Occasional Paper Series