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About the Center on Culture, Race & Equity

The Center on Culture, Race & Equity works with practitioners and communities to understand the impact of bias and shift towards culturally responsive and strengths-based systems and practices. The center’s professional development model addresses race and equity on three levels—personal, professional, and institutional. Adults address their implicit attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors and then plan to change—and ultimately do change—their practices on both the individual and institutional levels. CCRE works with professionals from education, health, and social services who work with children (prenatal through 12th grade). The most recent projects include working with public elementary schools in Washington, with settlement house community organizations in the Bronx, NY, and with Head Start practitioners in Head Start Region 5.

Our Approach

If we work with adults to expand their knowledge and awareness of the impact of biases, racism, and deficit-based thinking on learning environments, support adults in shifting their deficit-based attitudes to strengths-based attitudes, and build their skills and practices to create culturally relevant environments, then we will create more equitable and just learning organizations where children and families of all backgrounds will thrive and reach their full potential.


Our Work

District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS)

CCRE partnered with DCPS to support the school readiness and success of young African American boys and families by changing the knowledge, attitudes, dispositions, skills, and practices of program leaders, teachers, family engagement, and other staff. Data revealed gains in participant’s knowledge and awareness of issues of gender as it relates to boys’ development and learning, and the effects of racial and cultural bias and stereotypes on the societal and learning climates of African American boys. A new cohort of six additional schools are beginning work in 2017.

Other projects include:

  • Building community-based networks for culturally responsive practices in Bronx, NY
  • Improving the success of African American boys: Head Start programs in Region 5
  • Developing and implementing systems and programming in early childhood in Liberia
  • Documenting African American parents' perceptions of early experiences with NYC pre-schools for their boys
  • Conducting a study across 36 pre-K classrooms in NYC to document the types, amount, content, and delivery of instructional supports to teachers

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