Why Give to the Annual Fund?

Why We Give

Dear fellow SFC families:  

An extra $2,023 per student will be spent on our children’s education, above tuition, this year.  Gifts to the Annual Fund close that gap. Last year, 97% of families in the School participated—supporting teachers, special programs like the Science Expo, and our diverse community of families. 

You may have heard that this year is unusual in that we are conducting campaigns both for the Annual Fund, as well as to complete an $8 million SFC endowment campaign (this is an historic effort, the first endowment campaign solely for the School for Children). The endowment will change the financial footing of the School in a way that insures the community against financial insecurity and provides resources for long-term curricular and program development. To date, parents, alumni, faculty, staff, and grandparents have pledged $7.2 million—90% of our goal.  Now, we are inviting everyone in the community to make a special one-time pledge. As a current family, every dollar that you give will be matched by a challenge grant.  

We are asking every family to make two commitments this year – one to the Annual Fund and a special pledge to the Endowment Campaign.  We know this is an unprecedented double ask, and we assure you that both are truly needed and greatly appreciated. 

Your Annual Fund gift will go directly to support our children’s education this year, much like funds in a checking account.  Meanwhile, your Endowment Gift will leave a long-term footprint on the School—a gift that will keep on giving, in perpetuity.

A parent volunteer will follow up with you to answer any questions you may have. Please also feel free to reach out to us, to other members of the Campaign Steering Committee, and to Alexis, as well as to Carla Scheele, Director of Endowment and Special Gifts.

We are asking you to make Bank Street your philanthropic priority this year!  Thank you for your generosity.


Laura Clark and Keith Lender, SFC Annual Fund Co-Chairs
David Guyer and Sandra Pinnavaia, SFC Endowment Campaign Co-Chairs