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The Cook Prize Criteria

  • Accuracy: strict accuracy of content in both text and illustrations
  • Clarity: concepts and terms defined and explained clearly
  • Writing: engaging style, rich language
  • Illustrations/photographs: appealing illustrations/photographs (and, when included, other visual elements such as charts, diagrams, and graphs) that add information and enhance the text
  • Format: invites interaction
  • Organization: material presented in logical, coherent manner
  • Connects new ideas to what children already know; supports children as constructors of knowledge

  • Encourages inquiry; inspires children to further exploration
  • Includes entry points for different kinds of learners
  • Research: provides information about research process (in introduction, back matter, and/or in text); acknowledges people connected with research, writing, and illustration of book
  • Supporting material: includes bibliography, glossary, index, and suggestions for further reading