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Children’s Book Committee – March 2020 Pick

Enemy Child is about a Japanese-American boy in World War II. His family was taken to the camps that Japanese people were put in after Pearl Harbor. What makes this book special is that it tells the story of the person, and it’s a real story. It gives his emotions of what he felt during that time. What I liked most about this book is the way he shares his feelings.

Young Reviewers

Children’s Book Committee – February 2020 Pick

I absolutely adored this book. There are little to no young adult books about segregation in South Africa, and I was so excited when I learned the premise of the book. “When the Ground is Hard” didn’t disappoint or lower my expectations whatsoever and Nunn’s novel was an excellent example of storytelling while still displaying a point.

The Irma Black award for best picture book

Announcing the 2020 Irma S. Black Contenders!

The Center for Children’s Literature at Bank Street College of Education is thrilled to announce the four contenders for the 2020 Irma S. and James H. Black award for best picture book: Rocket Says Look Up by Nathan Bryon; illustrated by Dapo Adeola (Random House Publishers) The Most Terrible of All by Muon Thi Van […]

The Children's Book Committee's Gold Awards Seal

The Children’s Book Committee Announces its Annual Awards!

The Children’s Book Committee at Bank Street College of Education is delighted to announce its 2020 Book Awards:   The Josette Frank Award for Fiction When the Ground is Hard by Malla Nunn (G.P. Putnam & Sons) The Claudia Lewis Award for Poetry Voices: The Final Hours of Joan of Arc by David Elliott (Houghton […]

Cook Prize Seal

Announcing the 2020 Cook Prize Finalists!

We are delighted to announce the finalists for the 2020 Cook Prize!  The Cook Prize is awarded to the best Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) picture book for 8–10 year olds. The Cook Prize is the only national children’s choice award honoring a STEM title. The Finalists are: Flower Talk: How Plants Use Color to […]

blog post of the astronaut who painted the moon.
Young Reviewers

Children’s Book Committee – January 2020 Pick

I loved this book. It was so cool! The astronaut, Alan, went to the moon, and then painted pictures of being on the moon with bright colors. This book is a non-fiction book; it happened for real! My favorite part of the book was the pictures and the footprints Alan’s boots left in the moon dust

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Children’s Book Committee – December 2019 Pick

This book was different because it had NO WORDS! My mom and I made a story up of a dad and his son going on a fishing trip. They see a big whale in danger. The son says, “WE HAVE TO HELP!” So the dad and some other people save the whale. When the dad is swimming back, he looks tired, and so the son has to save him. In the end the whale jumps out of the water to say: “Thank you for saving me!”

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Children’s Book Committee – November 2019 Pick

Our young reviewer has this to say about Louise Greig’s book “Sweep.” I like that Ed decides not to be in a bad mood and I also like that he thinks twice about his bad mood. I like the pictures because they are very beautiful with the hot air balloons and the fair.

Jerry Craft

Bank Street Announces Jerry Craft as 2020 Dorothy Carter Writer-in-Residence

The Center for Children’s Literature at Bank Street College of Education is delighted to announce that Jerry Craft will be the 2020 Dorothy Carter Writer-in-Residence. Jerry Craft is an award-winning author and illustrator who has created numerous picture books, graphic novels, and middle-grade novels. He is also known for his syndicated newspaper comic strip, Mama’s Boyz. Jerry was […]

Lenny's Book of Everything
Young Reviewers

Children’s Book Committee – October 2019 Pick

Lenny’s Book of Everything was inspiring and eye-opening. I particularly enjoyed this book because it highlights the love one experiences when being part of a family: sibling and mother love.

Polar Bear: Science Comics
Young Reviewers

Children’s Book Committee – September 2019 Pick

Filled with humor, this book shares the harsh realities of life in the arctic and how polar bears survive. One of young reviewers said, “It has good information with a lot of action. I like the parts about eating. How to eat a seal was funny and I didn’t know that walrus meat was tough.”

They call me guero - blog
Young Reviewers

Children’s Book Committee – August 2019 Pick

I found this book extremely fun and entertaining to read. Although the story was told through poetry, I was still able to get a sense of different characters, settings, and picture the descriptions in my head. The fast-paced poetry was an exciting and interesting platform of telling Güero’s story, and the conflicts were well explained.

BookFest logo

BookFest @ Bank Street, Saturday, October 19, 2019

The Center for Children’s Literature at Bank Street College of Education is thrilled to announce that Joseph Bruchac, author and storyteller, will be our keynote speaker. For over 40 years, Joseph Bruchac has been creating literature and music that reflect his indigenous heritage and traditions. He is a proud Nulhegan Abenaki citizen and respected elder among […]

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Children’s Book Committee – July 2019 Pick

Stefano liked the part when the mom and baby were walking around and found the library. When they first got there they first felt nervous and were confused, but the library became like a home to them where they felt happy, excited and smart, because books help you learn things and reading is awesome.

My Happy Year (blog2)
Young Reviewers

Children’s Book Committee – June 2019 Pick

My Happy Year is an amazing book in my opinion. You, yourself, might try reading it. It’s about a bluebird who was scared to fly away from her nest. Her brothers and sisters flew away first. Finally, she flew away. Then she saw that fall was coming. She saw some bluebirds migrating south, so she joined them.