Bank Street Head Start

Message from Our Director

Dear Prospective Bank Street Head Start Parent,

As the parent of a 3- or 4-year-old child, you make decisions both large and small each day that affect your child’s daily experience and his or her future. The decision regarding your child’s first school placement is one of the most important you will face, as children’s experiences with their first teachers, first classroom friends, and the mastery of fundamental skills will have an impact on their success throughout their school career.

A successful start for the child in the classroom environment is best supported by highly qualified and caring teachers who are skilled at fostering trust not only between the child and teacher but between the parent/caregiver and the school. At Bank Street Head Start, the child, parent, and teacher are all essential parts of the educational team.

Bank Street Head Start, which is operated by Bank Street College of Education, provides a progressive model of education for the children and families we serve. We pride ourselves on preparing children for success in kindergarten and instilling a lifelong love of learning. Your child’s success in school requires not only mastery of academic skills such as letter recognition and early math, but, just as important, the ability to navigate the classroom environment, to share, to express feelings and needs, to follow directions, and to lead. Each day, the development of these skills is the focus of the teacher’s individual plans for your child.

Each morning we greet excited, smiling children at our door, anxious to see their friends and teachers and to engage in play with the carefully chosen materials in our classrooms. We observe parents taking a few moments to sit with their child at breakfast, touch base with the teacher, or join their child for a few minutes over a puzzle or book. It is clear that our parents feel secure and happy as they leave, knowing their child is in this positive and stimulating setting.

We invite you to visit or call us to explore joining the Bank Street Head Start community as you make this important choice.


Steven Antonelli
Director, Bank Street Head Start