Bank Street Head Start

Message from Our Director

Dear Prospective Families,

Edras De Jesus JimenezThe preschool years are the most meaningful and influential for children and their families, full of opportunities for growth and exploration, thus building the foundation for a child’s educational career. This remarkable time in a child’s life, coined with the support of a wonderful early childhood program, sets the stage for building trusting relationships and in becoming lifelong learners.

Bank Street Head Start, which is operated by Bank Street College of Education, provides a progressive model of education for the children and families we serve. In this model, it places the child at the center of learning by positioning the child’s interests at the forefront. This, in turn, enables our students to acquire the skills they need to learn early literacy and mathematical concepts, as well as establishing strong social relationships and developing a strong sense of self. Our highly qualified teachers create thought provoking experiences using the information gleaned from interactions with our students to scaffold their learning.

We embrace partnerships with our families and encourage parents to play active role in our school community. Beginning school is a huge step for our children and parents alike and by establishing a strong school-parent-child connection, we can create the framework for children to become confident in exploring their environment outside of home.

Parents are invited partake in school activities, including joining us for breakfast as they drop off their child, being involved in classroom activities such as read aloud and accompanying the children to the playground or participating in other leadership activities to continue to grow our school. Our parents feel happy knowing that their child is in our positive and stimulating setting.

We encourage you to come visit our campus, attend a Walkthrough Wednesday (or Touring Tuesday), meet our amazing teachers, and see for yourself what makes our school truly unique. We look forward to seeing you.

Warm Regards,
Edras D. De Jesús Jiménez
Director, Bank Street Head Start