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Bank Street Head Start

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A Comprehensive Education

Bankstreet Head StartBank Street Head Start provides 68 children and families a comprehensive educational program that meets their cognitive, social, emotional, health, nutritional and psychological needs.

Free services are offered to preschoolers , ages 3 and 4, from 8:30 am-3:30 pm daily for 12 months each year. Eligibility is based upon income and residency.

Inside Head Start

Bank Street Head Start’s mission is to empower and educate low-income families through a variety of comprehensive, high-quality services.

Our Educational Philosophy

We believe preschoolers learn by experimenting and exploring materials, as well as interacting with their peers under the guidance of highly qualified teachers. We work with all the domains of development with an emphasis on the social-emotional development vital to a positive kindergarten experience and long-term success in school.

Health & Nutrition

We partner with professionals and organizations that offer vision, hearing and dental screenings. We also employ a mental health professional and a nutritionist, who supports our excellent food program.

Parental Involvement

Parents play a vital role in their children’s education and development from birth, a role Bank Street Head Start builds upon by fostering parental involvement at every step. The program features, among other things, education for parents, parent-teacher conferences and family events.

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Bank Street Head Start, part of Children's Programs at Bank Street College of Education, operates on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, providing a high quality preschool program that meets its students cognitive, social-emotional, health, and nutritional needs. The program is currently enrolling three- and four-year-olds for the 2017-18 school year. Families must meet the Federal Poverty Guidelines and live in Manhattan between 34th Street and Canal Street.

Click here to learn more about our registration process and download an application.

Bank Street Head Start