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teachers painting chairs

The Family Center on Teaching & Generosity

Generosity is central to our work at the Family Center. Our classroom teachers are generous with their time, skills, information, and kindness. We try to parallel our teaching process with children with the way we are with each other. In being present and intentional, we become even more generous with our kindness, allowing our skills, energy, and […]

Katherine Baldwin and Erica Buchanan plan a Building Blocks activity

Bank Street Grads Pay it Forward in Successful Project

Research suggests that children who develop strong early math skills continue to perform well later on in school, not only in math but also in other areas of schooling. To further investigate this theory, social policy research organization MDRC teamed up with The Robin Hood Foundation to develop Making Pre-K Count, a research project based in 69 New York City public […]

Naila Strong (center) during a discussion on what it means to be white with her seventh grade classmates at the Bank Street School (Richard Yeh/WNYC)

Bank Street School for Children Students & Faculty Talk About Race on WNYC

Over the past several months, WNYC has produced a series of audio and video segments about what it’s like to be a 12-year-old, called “Being 12.” The installment that aired on July 8, focused on how 12-year-olds and their teachers grapple with the sometimes personal and difficult conversations associated with race and diversity. We are […]

Meghan Dunn and students

Outstanding Alumni: Meghan Dunn

In Brownsville, Brooklyn, nearly 40 percent of residents live below the poverty line. Crime and violence are commonplace in the neighborhood, which totals just over one square mile and consists mainly of public housing units. School systems in such communities can present a number of challenges for kids and educators alike, but Meghan Dunn, principal […]

Susan Ochshorn

Bank Street Celebrates Alumna Susan Ochshorn’s New Book

For nearly two decades, Susan Ochshorn has worked at the local, state, and national levels to integrate early childhood research, policy, and practice into the larger education reform conversation. Her new book, Squandering America’s Future: Why ECE Policy Matters for Equality, Our Economy, and Our Children (Teachers College Press), explores the most significant issues in contemporary early […]

Richard Rothstein

Richard Rothstein Receives Honorary Doctorate

On May 14, 2015, the Graduate School recognized Richard Rothstein with an Honorary Doctorate degree as part of its annual Commencement ceremony at Riverside Church. Through the conferral of the Honorary Doctorate, Bank Street College seeks to recognize those individuals who have made an exemplary contribution to the field of education, and more broadly the lives of […]

2015 Irma Black Award winning titles

Irma Black and Cook Prize Finalists Recognized

On May 14, Bank Street hosted an event to honor the finalists of the 42nd annual Irma Black Award and those of the 4th annual Cook Prize. The Irma Simonton and James H. Black Award recognize outstanding children’s books by specifically evaluating the way the words and pictures work together to enhance each other and create a […]

Bank Street alumna Dawn Campbell

Outstanding Alumni: Dawn Campbell

Dawn Campbell graduated from Bank Street on May 14th in the Graduate School Commencement Ceremony — an achievement both professional and personal. Graduating from Bank Street is not just a transition for Dawn, but a triumph. After she discovered she was pregnant at the age of 16, Dawn Campbell left home and moved in with her […]

Paula Rogovin delivers speech at podium

2015 Alumni Awards Ceremony Recognizes Outstanding Educators

On May 7, Bank Street College of Education hosted the 2015 Alumni Awards Ceremony, which celebrated Nina Jensen, Paula Rogovin, and Dania Vazquez for their outstanding achievements in education. During the ceremony, each educator stood before friends, family, esteemed colleagues, and members of the Bank Street community to share memorable moments from their careers, trends in […]

Dina Velez and Davia Franklyn

Visit to NECCS Shows Progressive Practices in Public Setting

On May 5th, Bank Street hosted a conversation with renowned educator Deborah Meier as part of its annual Niemeyer Symposium, dedicated to Bank Street’s goal of serving as a national voice for children, beyond practice and into policy. Deborah, who has spent more than four decades in public education and has played a significant role in founding innovative […]

Cecelia Traugh

Cecelia Traugh Selected as Graduate School Dean

Dear Colleagues, We are pleased to let you know that the search process for the Dean of the Graduate School has reached a successful conclusion. The Search Committee came to a unanimous and strong consensus and our recommendation was enthusiastically endorsed by Shael. We are excited to announce that Cecelia Traugh has accepted the position of Dean […]

School boys from Nepal

Relief Efforts in Nepal

Dear Colleagues: As you know, last Saturday a devastating earthquake hit Nepal near its capital of Kathmandu. The resulting losses remain unclear, and children and families face displacement, aftershocks, and complicated relief efforts. Bank Street has a history of partnerships with schools in Nepal, particularly the Ullens School and the Rato Bangala School.  Numerous members of our community […]

Robie Harris Tackles Sensitive Issues in Appropriate Ways

In the early 1970s, Robie H. Harris sat in Central Park, holding her first-born baby boy. Her young nephews surrounded her, fascinated by the infant, and started asking questions. How do you know when he’s hungry? How does he learn to talk? How does he learn to walk? When did I learn to talk and walk? Their curiosities captivated Robie, […]

Pictured: Nina Crews, Laura Vaccaro Seeger, Jennifer Brown, and Paul O. Zelinsky

Bank Street and Yale on Books as the Building Blocks of Play

Children have been playing for centuries. Through play, they acquire their own lens for observing the world around them. While parents and educators can provide children with tangible resources to inspire play, they cannot teach them how to play. It’s something that comes naturally, and is a crucial stage in child development. This concept is […]

Weisman Symposium guests mingle over dinner

Creating a Culture of Professional Development in Schools

The first Weismann Symposium and Dinner for the spring took place on March 25 and featured three Bank Street graduates as panelists: John O’Reilly, Principal of Academy of Arts and Letters; Nigel Pugh, Principal of Richard R. Green High School of Teaching; and Dina Velez, Principal of Newark Educators Collaborative Charter School. Rebecca Rohr Ritter, […]