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Bank Street Education Center

Moving School Systems Forward. With Educators. For Students.

The Challenge

Education CenterAnnually, $15 billion and 70 hours per teacher are spent on professional learning, but these investments are failing to show results in classroom practice and student outcomes at scale. Too often these resources are wasted in “one-shot” training sessions and other professional learning offerings that are not integrated into well-planned instructional change that connects all levels of the school system.

Our Solution

The Bank Street Education Center’s approach to professional learning is different because we attend to the conditions necessary to enable schools to translate new learning into meaningful shifts in classroom practice:

  • Aligned school and district instructional vision and priorities
  • School-level coherence across instruction, culture, and structures that are defined and developed by empowered principals and teacher leaders
  • Supported structures for learning, such as professional learning communities, that create a throughline of learning across layers of a district and within schools
  • A culture that supports risk-taking for adults in both individual and team learning that reflects the model for learning we strive to provide for our students in classrooms

We do this by pairing professional learning with the strategic planning supports necessary to aid districts in creating, strengthening, and monitoring these conditions so that investments in professional learning pay off in improved results.

Our Approach and Services

We believe that to shift teacher practice at scale, there must be a throughline of teaching and learning that connects every layer of the school system.

The Education Center uses an approach to systems-level instructional improvement that builds a coherent throughline from the central office and pedagogical supervisors to teacher teams and their students. We create lasting change in our partner systems as each adult learns their way into new practices that support better teaching and increased student success.

The Education Center offers:

Strategic Planning...
To establish a clear focus and strategy for instructional improvement and a plan for implementing the change in classrooms. Engagements typically begin with a collaborative review, a partnership between the Education Center and school system staff to co-construct a comprehensive strategy for implementing a larger scale instructional change effort.

Professional Learning Experiences…
To build cycles of professional learning and leveraging opportunities for inquiry throughout. The Education Center aims to help educators achieve a common understanding of what “good” looks like and strengthen practice to create meaningful change across classrooms.

Data Collection and Feedback Loops…
To ensure that the needs of teachers, leaders, and other stakeholders are addressed by adjusting plans based on evidence and reflecting along the way. A plan for collecting relevant evidence is developed as we begin work and data is then analyzed together at key points throughout our partnership in "step back" meetings and reports to refine and inform our approach to instruction.

Examples of Our Practice Areas

Quality Early Childhood Education
Many school systems are expanding programs for early childhood. By leveraging the College’s expertise in developmentally-appropriate instruction, we support school systems to coach leaders and teachers around curriculum and instruction and to build learning trajectories that begin at pre-K and bridge into grades K-2.

Teacher Leadership
The Education Center provides support in developing teachers as leaders who can support a school system at the start of an instructional change initiative, and then to lead teacher teams to translate that learning into meaningful improvements in classroom practice. We can help teachers develop or strengthen the practices key to building professional learning communities such as establishing teacher teams, adapting curriculum, and analyzing evidence of student learning.

Instructional Leadership and Strategic Guidance
Strong leaders are key to the success of a school system, its schools, and its students. The Education Center uses structures, such as instructional rounds, to support leaders across the system so they can lead change that reaches the classroom level. The Education Center also supports extended strategic planning with key leaders to collaboratively develop an implementation strategy that will support the right outcomes.

Partner With Us

For more information about partnering with the Education Center, please contact Executive Director Doug Knecht at