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Children’s Book Committee – December 2022 Pick

Sometimes I Grumblesquinch (A Big Feelings Book series)
Written by Rachel Vail
Illustrated by Hyewon Yum thumbnail cover of Grumblesquinch

Docile Katie “grumblesquinches” her less appealing feelings deep inside until “kaplooming” in frustration. Ultimately, she learns she’s lovable with all her emotions. Childlike colored pencil art, back matter.

Our Young Reviewer Says:

“My two younger kids really enjoyed this book. They absolutely loved seeing the hard emotions and outbursts presented in a very relatable, non-judgmental way. (Fighting over seats at the kitchen table is a very real thing over here right now :). I could literally see their excitement and relief over reading a book that made them feel ‘seen.’ Their connection to it was palpable. My daughter had a really emotional day yesterday and actually asked for the book at bedtime. Grumblesquinch is a great addition to books about siblings, feelings, and social-emotional learning.”

–Caroline, parent to Iggy, 4, and June, 6, New York, NY.

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