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Children’s Book Committee – February 2023 Pick

The Woman Who Split the Atom: The Life of Lise Meitner
Written by Marissa Moss

Despite misogyny and antisemitism in the early 20th century, Lise Meitner discovered how to split uranium and revolutionized nuclear science. Pen & ink graphic inserts, photographs and back matter.

Our Young Reviewer Says:

The Woman Who Split the Atom, a biography about Lise Meitner, tells a fascinating story about discrimination, perseverance, and science. Meitner is most well known for her groundbreaking work on the atomic bomb, and Marissa Moss does a fantastic job at bringing her story to life. The writing is sophisticated and enjoyable, well researched and well written, and leaves a lasting impact on readers.

Lise Meitner had a challenging life. Born in Germany, she spent most of her scientific career living there. She fled Nazi Germany to Sweden and spent the rest of her life there continuing to work towards her dream. She avoided deportation, but continued to face discrimination for the rest of her life. She was in love with a job dominated by men, in a world where antisemitism was at its worst. She continues to inspire women all around the world to follow their passions.”

–Priya, 8th Grade, New York, NY.

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