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Children’s Book Committee – January 2020 Pick

The Astronaut Who Painted the Moon: The True Story of Alan Bean
Author: Dean Robbins
Illustrator: Sean Rubins

After walking on the moon, astronaut Alan Bean devotes his later career to capturing that experience on canvas. Distinct illustration styles portray the events alongside archival photographs.

Our Young Reviewers Say:

I loved this book. It was so cool! The astronaut, Alan, went to the moon, and then painted pictures of being on the moon with bright colors. This book is a non-fiction book; it happened for real! My favorite part of the book was the pictures and the footprints Alan’s boots left in the moon dust. I also liked when Alan was playing and skipping on the moon; he threw something into space and it never came back because there is no gravity in space. (My mom told me that.) I would definitely recommend this book to other kids. I really liked it.

–Penelope, 6 years old, New York, NY.

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