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Children’s Book Committee – July 2019 Pick

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Author & Illustrator: Yuyi Morales

A celebrated Mexican author and illustrator remembers how the public library helped her make a new home in America. Vibrant collages. Back matter. Also available in Spanish.

Our Young Reviewer Says:

Stefano liked the part when the mom and baby were walking around and found the library. When they first got there they first felt nervous and were confused, but the library became like a home to them where they felt happy, excited and smart, because books help you learn things and reading is awesome. We also like the library and talked about all the fun things we do there. He liked that the characters were from a different country and had brown skin, but that they became part of our country because they are good people.

Stefano thought the illustrations were awesome. He really liked all the bright colors and details in the drawings. Every time we looked at the picture we saw something new, like hidden words in the clouds and even a snake made of stars in the sky.

– Stefano, 7 years old.

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