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Children’s Book Committee – March 2022 Pick

Firekeeper’s Daughter
Written by Angeline Boulley

As her Ojibwe community is ravaged by drug overdoses, Daunis, 17, works with the FBI to identify the dealers. A richly detailed view of tribal life.

Our Young Reviewer Says:

Author Angeline Boulley tells the story of a teenaged Native American girl named Daunis in Firekeeper’s Daughter. Daunis is recruited by the FBI to investigate the origins of a new type of meth being made on and around the Ojibwe reservation. This novel is fast-paced and thrilling, but it is also an insightful dive into Ojibwe culture. The reader follows Daunis as she struggles to piece together the evidence in order to locate the drug ring. Boulley vividly depicts the community and the lasting impact the characters make on it. Throughout reading Firekeeper’s Daughter I was constantly on the edge of my seat and there were some plot twists that made me exclaim out loud. While at times the story tended towards unbelievable and I feel the denouement came rather quickly, overall this novel was extremely engaging and a joy to read.

–Michael, 17, Emporia, KS

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