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Children’s Book Committee – May 2020 Pick

Mario and the Hole in the Sky: How a Chemist Saved Our Planet
Author: Elizabeth Rusch
Illustrator: Teresa Martínez

A Mexican-born scientist helps solve the ozone crisis in the 1980s and gives hope in the fight against climate change. Mixed-media illustrations. Source notes, bibliography, timeline, and more. Also available in Spanish.

Mario and the Hole in the Sky is a picture book that tells the life of Dr. Mario Molina, a chemist that found that CFCs were destroying the ozone layer and helped stop them from destroying more of the ozone layer.

I think Mario and the Hole in the Sky is a great book because it tells us the story of an important person that saved the world – and also teaches kids some science, which is important.

Also, Mario and the Hole in the Sky teaches kids that no matter who you are you can always make a difference. I recommend Mario and the Hole in the Sky to third grade and under because it is a great picture book with amazing illustrations that help the reader understand Mario’s story better. It is perfect for read-a-louds. Also, because it shows how anyone can do anything and our childhood can help us when we become adults.

–Hugh, 9 years old, Bronx, NY.

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