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Children’s Book Committee – May 2021 Pick

While I Was Away
Written by Waka T. Brown

For five months, Kansas-born, Waka, 12, is sent to Japan where she faces the challenges of living with her Obaasama and attending local school. Memoir.

Our Young Reviewer Says:

“I like this book because its story can happen in real life, so I can feel like I’m in it without imagining. I like every part of the story line, especially the characters. The book is often hilarious and I wanted it to be so long IT WOULD NEVER END.

I thought that because the challenges that the main character, Waka, goes on are fun to read. Also, because Waka is Japanese, I thought about how the story would go if the main character was Hungarian, like me, and that was fun to do.”

–Dalma, 7, Yonkers, NY.

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