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Children’s Book Committee – October 2019 Pick

Lenny’s Book of EverythingLenny's Book of Everything
Author: Karen Foxlee

Lenny, 11, and her younger brother, a victim of a rare form of gigantism, obsess over the contents of monthly installments of an encyclopedia even as Davey’s health deteriorates.

Our Young Reviewer Says:

Lenny’s Book of Everything was inspiring and eye-opening. I particularly enjoyed this book because it highlights the love one experiences when being part of a family: sibling and mother love. Foxlee writes so remarkably that I was comforted by the love shown by Lenny, Davey, and Cindy, but was saddened by the many disappearances of the father.

I liked how the author developed each of the characters; I found myself empathizing with Lenny, Davey, and Cindy and wanted to support them, even though I knew there was nothing I could do. I found that I couldn’t put the book down because I just wanted to continue reading to see what happened to Lenny, Davey, and Cindy.

Secondly, I appreciated understanding the point of view of someone who lives with a person who has a medical condition. The way Lenny describes what her family has had to go through to support Davey is heartwarming because you feel the love this family has for one another, but you also get to experience the wonders of the world that Lenny highlights.

–Alyssa, 14 years old, New York, NY.

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