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Children’s Book Committee – September 2019 Pick

Science Comics: Polar Bears Survival on the IcePolar Bears: Science Comic
Author: Jason Viola
Illustrator: Zack Giallongo

Filled with humor, this book shares the harsh realities of life in the arctic and how polar bears survive. Humorous graphic illustrations. Glossary, notes and resources. This month our young reviewers, Nofi and Ari, are cousins.

Our Young Reviewers Say:

I learned a lot about how polar bears live; I didn’t know that polar bears’ hair is transparent, not white. I really liked it when they told how polar bears never lift their tails except to poop.

–Nofi, 9 years old, Toronto, Canada.

It has good information with a lot of action. I like the parts about eating. How to eat a seal was funny and I didn’t know that walrus meat was tough.

–Ari, 7 years old, Brooklyn, NY.

Young people who are interested in reviewing are invited to do so as we welcome the individual perspective of our age appropriate readers. If you are interested in being a reviewer, contact

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