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Children’s Book Committee – September 2020 Pick

The Voting Booth
Author: Brandy Colbert

Two politically active Black teens meet on Election Day, battling polling mishaps, break-ups, and a missing pet cat, while forging a new relationship.

Our Young Reviewer Says:

“The Voting Booth” by Brandy Colbert is a great example of our world today and how important voting is. This book exposes how people are denied their vote because of their race and how voting can make a difference in our country.

I loved how this book took a serious and important topic and added it into a great plot with romance. What made this book special was that it was told from the boy (Duke) and the girl (Marva’s) points of view instead of it just being one so you were able to see the emotion on each side. Overall I really enjoyed this book.

–Greer, 14 years old, Longmont, CO.

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