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Child Development: A Starter List

Albrecht, K. M., & Miller, L. G. (2001). Infant & toddler development. Beltsville, MD: Gryphon House.
Written for teachers beginning their teaching careers, and those who want to expand on what they need to know to work more effectively with infants and toddlers.
Call# 305.232 A341i

Berk, L. E. (2006). Child development. Boston, MA: Pearson/Allyn and Bacon.
Comprehensive textbook on child development. Includes research, social issues, cultural influences, biology and environment, and milestone charts.
Call# 305.231 B512c7

Berk, L. E. (2005). Infants, children, and adolescents. Boston MA: Pearson/Allyn and Bacon.
Another book by the author above with a similar layout but includes adolescents.
Call# 305.231 B512i5

Cohen, D. (1972). The learning child. New York, NY: Pantheon Books.
Focuses on child development, elementary education, and parent participation.
Call# 372.01 C678L

Cole, M., Cole, S. & Lightfoot, C. (2009). The development of children. (6th ed.). New York, NY: Worth.
Popular classic textbook on child development.
Call# 155.4 C689d6

Fogel, A. (2009). Infancy, infant, family and society. (5th ed.). Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY: Sloan.
Discusses theories of infant developement, and stages from birth to thirty-six months
Call# 305.232 F655i5

Miller, K. (2001). Ages and stages: Developmental descriptions and activities, birth through eight years. West Palm Beach, FL: Telshare.
Primary focus of this book is on how developmental stages and behaviors show up in group child care situations. A very readable book.
Call# 155.4 M647a 2001

Wood, C. (2007). Yardsticks: Children in the classroom, ages 4-14. Turners Falls, MA: Northeast Foundation for Children
A good starter book. Each year has it's own chapter and handy reference charts on growth patterns, what each year is like in the classroom, and pointers on curriculum.
Call# 305.231 W874y3