Guide to eReserves

Firefox Browser

The only browser that works with eReserves is Firefox. If you have not done so already, download and use the lastest version of Firefox for your operating system.


Bank Street Library invites Graduate Faculty to learn more about eReserves and how it can make things easier for both you and for your students. The Library handles all the permissions, and eReserves allows students to access required readings online. For more details contact: Nora Gaines 212-875-4457, or visit Electronic Reserves: A Guide for Faculty.

What Can Go Into eReserves?

Articles or book chapters that are NOT available:

  • in the Library's subscription databases OR
  • through the Bank Street Library website, (e.g., eBooks).

Accessing eReserves


This tutorial: Accessing eReserves will walk you through the steps you need to take find and download eReserves for your class. Have the following handy:

  • The password your course instructor emailed you,
  • If working from home, your 14 digit library barcode.

eReserves Help


Please make sure you are using Firefox. It is the only browser that works with eReserves.

Course Pages

If your computer refuses to load the eReserves "Course Pages," try clearing the cache. Below are instructions on how to do this in Firefox.


Go to the "Open menu" button (top right side of your screen) > options > Advanced > Cached Web Content > Clear Now (until you see  "Your web content cache is currently using 0 bytes of disk space).