Guide to eReserves

Accessing eReserves


This tutorial walks you through the steps you need for accessing eReserves. Have the following handy:

  • The password your course instructor emailed you,
  • If working from home, your 14 digit library barcode.

Preferred Browser

Firefox is the browser that seems to work best with eReserves. Some students have reported issues using Internet Explorer.

Course Pages

If your computer refuses to load the eReserves "Course Pages," try clearing the cache. Below are instructions on how to do this in Firefox and Chrome.


Go to the "Open menu" button (top right side of your screen) > options > Advanced > Cached Web Content > Clear Now (until you see  "Your web content cache is currently using 0 bytes of disk space.


Go to the "Google Chrome menu" button (top right side of your screen) > More tools > Clear browsing data... > Select time frame, e.g., the beginning of time > Select areas you want cleared, e.g., cached images and files > click "Clear browsing data."