Printing, Copying, Scanning, & Emailing

Scanning & Emailing


  • All printing, copying and scanning in the Library (and computer labs) is provided by a College-wide pay-for-print service.
  • Current graduate students are credited $13.50 at the start of each semester (Summer I and Summer II count as one semester) for printing.
  • Initial credits return to a zero balance at the end of each semester.
  • Each print costs $0.05 for black and white, and $0.10 for color.

Extra Credit

  • If you use up all of your initial credit, you can buy extra credit at the circulation desk.
  • Please use up any extra credit you add to your account by the end of each semester.
  • Extra credit you add will no longer roll over into the next semester (May, 2014).

Color Priniting

Color copiers are on the 7th Floor, C-Level labs, and now the Library!

How To Print

Submit a Print Job

When you submit a job to print, a dialog box will appear on your screen. Enter the following information: your user name and password.

What You Need to Know

USERNAME: the first part of your bank street email address (everything before the @)
PASSWORD: your student ID number (located in the top left hand corner of your ID card).

What's Next?

Click PRINT and then:

  1. Walk over to the copy machine.
  2. Press the YELLOW function clear button (FC) twice.
  3. Make sure the screen on the copy machine has space to enter your username and password.
  4. Tap your ID card against the card reader.
  5. Wait for your job to print (a green light should flash)
  6. Before you leave the printer, press the YELLOW function clear button again (to ensure that you are logged out of the printer).

There's a Problem

If nothing printed, please ask a librarian for help.