John H. Niemeyer

John H. NiemeyerJohn H. Niemeyer served as Bank Street’s first president (1956–1973) and transformed the College in many ways, beginning with moving it from 69 Bank Street in Greenwich Village to West 112th Street. He led the College’s evolution into a widely known institution that worked with and acted as a prime resource for schools, educators, and policy makers. In addition to his work within the College, Niemeyer was an active and influential member of the progressive education community, serving as a consultant to the United States Office of Education regarding desegregation and the formation of Head Start.

The Niemeyer Series comprises lectures and symposia focused on urgent matters of educational interest. The Series is dedicated to the memory of John H. Niemeyer, for his leadership in helping Bank Street College to become a national voice for children beyond practice and into policy.